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Experienced and Enhanced Online Ad Management

We Make Sure Your Ads Get Seen By The Right People

You are just one ad campaign away...

You are a company with a wealth of information, content and valuable resources that when managed in the right way can create an impact so powerful, it can change your business. We have all had the experience of a well done ad. One that speaks to you and is relevant in its context and timing. This is your business, your brand, your reputation, what people say when you are not around. Together we can help place you where you need to be!

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What We Do

We provide a Fully Managed Online Advertising Service. This includes both the use of a proprietary software platform and a dedicated and experienced team of professionals that can launch and manage your campaign across the following mediums:

- Google Adwords

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Instagram

- Linkedin 

- Display Ads

- Video and Mobile



We were looking for a team that would have the experience to help us come up with a creative approach to generate leads for our business. Alex from Inonda was able to provide us with this and more. Great company and team to work with.

Chris Christophi Sales Director


Inonda provides outstanding customer service when it comes to getting the job done. We were able to work with different members of the to bounce ideas off. They were very helpful, would definitely recommend!

Mr Ben Ansah Founder

Dr DoGood

Working with the Inonda team was a pleasure. The showed genuine interest in our product and helped develop ways to increase our brand reach.

Dipti Ghadia Co-Director

How We Can Help

We work with your team across the 4 foundations of successful Ad Management. We provide a fully tailored service to each of our clients as we know that depending on your specific goals the required service will be need to be unique:

- Strategy

- Management

- Analysis

- Creative

 Get in touch with us 

Inonda Ltd | 37 Ludgate Hill , London EC4M 7JN | 0207 100 6957  |  info@inonda.co.uk